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We are taking roooot...
Like gardening and farming, building this website is always ongoing. But if you'd like to join the own-grown food revolution, see how below!

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We are still working on our web-app at this point, but you can look forward to the following features:

  • Have your organic garden or farm pinned on our Grower map
  • Present your growing operation with a mini-website
  • Sell your produce in an online marketplace
  • Get in touch with like-minded farmers

And much, much more...

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We'd like to hear your story

We are not farmers, so we rely on your stories and experiences to identify your needs and build something helpful.

If you'd like to share your insights, just send us a message. We'd be happy to share ours too.

Maybe we can even schedule a visit to your garden or farm and see your growing operation from up close. That always gets the conversation going a lot easier!

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