GO is a collection of individuals - diverse and inclusive - bound by our affinity for healthy and own-grown food.

AIM: Our mission is to transform the way we eat from highly-processed, unhealthy instant foods, to own-grown and decentrally distributed, accessible and nutritious foods.

HOW: We can do this by creating an inclusive, maybe parallel, food system that drives a sustainable marketplace (online and offline) so that individual gardeners or small-scale cooperatives and medium-sized farmers can have a systematic platform, starting in the Philippines.

  1. Connect sustainable growers - it starts with establishing a simple system where everyone can have support either through knowledge, seedlings, marketing or exchange of ideas
  2. Motivate new growers - encourage amateur gardeners to start with a single pot or seedling
  3. Grow own food - this leads to individual or household-efficiency, can even be done in collaboration with a community
  4. Share free food - if grower wishes it, they can share freely what they can. As a seed, a plant of fruits and vegetables, or even a meal...
  5. Share knowledge - information and practical knowledge is shared from experienced growers to newbies
  6. Sell own food - growers can directly provide healthier but lower-cost foods, for those not yet inclined to plant their own food or not able to do so
  7. Support a circular and local economy - growing, selling, distributing and buying in own villages, communities and especially within cities will be beneficial for everyone involved
  8. Growers to get fair income - any finance transactions within us will be clear-cut, secure, transparent and simple
  9. Create online platforms - for each garden/grower linked in our website, there are options if they want to develop a full business model for their micro enterprise
  10. Reach out to like-minded initiatives - this taps into a growing pool of conscious citizens who can actively participate as ambassadors, if not being mindful growers themselves