The concept behind

Grow Organics [GO] was hatched last 2014 amidst a frenzy of cooking experiments and a lingering notion to minimize our living footprint. Despite (some) people now trying to live sustainably and going for healthier diets, majority of the population who need the most still remain under-nourished. We started planting some herbs and greens in recycled containers, and become generally more mindful of our ideals against realities. But it seems such a feeble and local action to be able to reach out and help someone. So on top of our resolve to continuing gardening for our own food, we wanted to connect with this food movement that has been building up over the past years. We aim to encourage those with the least means to have access to nutritious food. So this goes beyond just organic food and agriculture.

We entered our idea into the business-tech Ideaspace competion in Manila by January 2015. Our first round submissions were good enough to get us through the 2nd round of judging.The 3rd round however proved to be more formidable, and our application was unsuccessful. Disappointed but still determined, we resolved to continue however we can despite having full-time jobs. Luckily for us, friends and many people we met are supportive to see this website through to help spread organic gardening and sustainable farming more. So we hope you will give us your time and suggestions and you can see the fruits of your recommendations as we develop this website together in its initial phases.

We are here to support sustainable food growing, into becoming convenient and more accessible to majority of the Filipinos. Our purpose is to inform and empower the modest growers and connect with conscious buyers. We want to be an effective social platform for both.