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What does organic mean to us?

We use the term 'organics' here as in the term for organic matter. Wikipedia defines Organic matter as matter that has come from a once-living organism, is capable of decay or the product of decay, or is composed of organic compounds. We'd like to simplify it as any living thing that we consume as edibles and that we can grow our own selves with zero or minimal industrial efforts.

Do I have to be (certified) organic to subscribe?

Not necessarily certified, as long as you farm sustainably, without synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. We aim more for the transparency if you're practicing organic methods, natural farming systems or the GAP - good agricultural practices. Because we have to guard the integrity of the community.

Is it only about Organic food?

At its essence, no. In our current food policy and regulation mechanisms, one must be certified organic, to be able to market your produce as "organic vegetables and fruits". We focus instead on all manners of growing our food in a sustainable way without resorting to artificial herbicides or pesticides. We look at the whole systems of energy reduction while producing food, the efficient use of resources like land, water, air and sun.

What is urban gardening?

Simply, urban gardening is growing your own food in the space that you have,whether home or office, in the city where you actually live in. With that said, urban agriculture is cultivation of food within our cities, where the global populations nowadays currently live. As opposed to the commercial farming in the countryside that began in the industrialized period, urban agriculture grows your local vegetables and fruits within the communities and towns in the cities. This can be done in a number of methods. See our How to Grow section.