Hugo and Tricia 

As most stories nowadays, we are two people who came into healthy foods from different cultures and context. But we both love good food and drinks, are piqued enough to try to go back to basic living and learn to live more mindfully and practical. So we researched how. About a lot of things. The internet has all the information of course, but often fragmented and outdated, with links deactivated or showing complicated processes. Southeast Asia has agricultural countries with tropical climates, the Philippines included. Yet mostly, detailed resources online are applicable largely to the northern hemisphere. We just thought of balancing and streamlining this a bit to help this food revolution reach more regular folks.

Hugo is a webdesigner and web engineer. He grew up in the Netherlands where access to quality food is always there, but not always transparent and easy. Opening his eyes to a global perspective encourages him to look at our industrialised, wasteful food system and try to help it transform into something a bit more sustainable. He wants to use his skills to make the own-grown food movement even more accessible and easier to understand.

Tricia is an architect and urban planner who was attracted to cooking from scratch first before thinking to grow her own food. Compiling information and sharing it with anyone who wants to begin like she did, seems like a good start. She's from the Philippines and is still looking forward to finally putting two and two together in a live/co-work garden where knowledge can be practically tasted.

By no means are we farmers, and we are still trying to become good gardeners. But we are very curious by nature and also believe that lightning-speed information and social media are especially good tools to use now. We can imagine a lot of people are in the same boat so we'd like to think Grow Organics will be useful and valuable to those who want to pick up a spade and dig. Or maybe start an aquaponics setup. Or to people who want to turn their gardening hobby into livelihood ... Or to those not so inclined to garden, but still want access to healthy, affordable food near where they are.

If you feel the same way and are very eager to help out, perhaps we can collaborate for Grow Organics? Seeing as we are so lean, it would be great to discuss and work with you in our team!

So welcome all to the unfolding of Grow Organics!