Where are we now

Tricia Sardinia 29 January 2017 662 comments

It's been a little over a year since the last blog post was written. Some updates were posted in our Facebook and Instagram accounts during that period. But apart from that, 2016 was mostly a year of quitting jobs, changing cities/countries and personal introspection and the usual life events. Shaping up and whittling down of our grand ideas were also in order.

GO goes GOAB - Hugo's experience

Hugo Peek 27 August 2015 1041 comments

Ok, my first GOAB is a wrap! Having only attended conferences in Europe so far, the scenery for this one really sounded too good to be true. Tropical island, drinks on the beach.. But then it turned out that tropical does not necessarily signify sunshine and blue skies..! Nope, unfortunately the island had a substantial amount of rain and winds waiting for us, so instead of a tan we had to settle for a permanent layer of water and sand on our geeky glasses :-)

GO goes GOAB - Tricia's take

Tricia Sardinia 25 August 2015 1035 comments

Deciding to come to this conference was definitely one of the right choices we (Hugo and I) made for Grow Organics. As we are in the process of birthing this website, we feel we need all the guidance and help we can get from those who already made it out there in the virtual world. In brief, GOAB or the Geeks On A Beach is a two-day conference geared for the tech-savvy, IT-literate and the smartest Design and Business folks who descend in Boracay for the perfect half and half gathering. Totally serious, strictly informal..

Order organic seeds from the Netherlands

Grow Organics 1 August 2015 853 comments

While we are still very busy creating this website, we cannot let this opportunity pass by. We will be able to bring organic seed from Europe, specifically from the Netherlands, to the Philippines without the usual shipping cost. Simply because Hugo tucks it in his luggage.

What we want to be when we grow up

Hugo Peek 29 July 2015 1132 comments

Basically, we want to become a hub between all the individual growers and farms out there, plus all kinds of available info and other related initiatives that are already out there. There is a lot, but the problem is that it's all still quite fragmented. Sometimes farmers in the same region don't even know about similar endeavors in the area, or are afraid maybe to connect, because they see them as competition. And most of times, a large part of digital interactions is through Facebook, which is good, but limited.