Order organic seeds from the Netherlands

1 August 2015

While we are still very busy creating this website, we cannot let this opportunity pass by. We will be able to bring organic seed from Europe, specifically from the Netherlands, to the Philippines without the usual shipping cost. Simply because Hugo tucks it in his luggage.

You may be thinking that this is counter productive as we need to plant seeds that are indigenous to our own locality. I agree, but this will also be a chance to propagate heirloom seeds from somewhere else. I am sure that most of you have more expertise in this, in that a chili pepper seed grown in temperate climate develops differently if the same seeds were sown in a tropical climate.

If you are interested, you can select your choices from the producer’s website: www.bolster.nl. They are certified organic and you can see the specific certifications listed for each seed (i.e. Demeter / Eko). Unfortunately, it is only in Dutch language. But if you use Google Chrome, there is the option to translate the site into English. Also, the good-quality pictures should help you find some nice crops.

Here’s how to order:

  1. Email us your selection, with the quantity, to hello[at]grow-organics.com
  2. Write your full name
  3. Include telephone and mobile number
  4. Include Philippines postal address
  5. For addresses outside Davao city: retail price+shipping cost
  6. We will email you how to pay upfront easily
  7. Last day to order for this batch will be 5th August 2015

We will not charge a fee on top of the retail price listed on their website, and we assure you that they are not paying us for this. We can meet and deliver only in Davao City by 13th - 18th August 2015. Possibly in Manila too by 23rd August. But those from out of Davao will have to pay for their own shipping costs. After this dates, leftover seeds will be put in our website for anyone who wants to order it later.

When we were doing our initial research questionnaires, most of the people really wanted access to a honest-to-goodness organic quality of seeds. This is part of our action to answer that need.