Hi there! Nice that you're (thingking of) signing up! A little word of caution upfront though: some people reported issues with their form not being able to submit after filling it in.. We have tested the form inside out and upside down, but can't reproduce the issue for ourselves, so I have no idea what's going on there.

But if you're experiencing difficulties submitting the form, please let me know! Email me at hugo[at]grow-organics.com and I'll try to help you out.

Dear Grower,

As I may have already told you, we are building a website with the main purpose of helping organic/sustainable farmers and gardeners grow more efficiently (in every sense of the word) and actually reach more people.

As part of launching our website, we want to enlist you as one of our first growers... But what does that mean?

Well, basically: we want to create an interactive database of sustainable farmers and organic gardeners throughout the Philippines. We want to offer them a platform to connect with each other and present their growing operation to our website visitors. This means each garden or farm will have it’s own profile page, complete with pictures, a list of things you grow, links to your social media, etc. etc. A mini-website, if you like, for which we will do everything in our power to make you look good, organized, fresh and inviting! And in the process of creating this, we are of course very curious to know if what we have in the website actually works for you or not. So we would really like to hear from you once you can see it and will be able to use it.

By the way, your profile and registration, and the mini-website within our own site will forever be free. So no worries about us hooking you up now, and asking money for it later... We’ll save that for the awesome premium features that will hopefully sprout from this initiative someday :-)

But for your profile to be integrated into the site, I kindly ask you to please give me some information about yourself and your garden or farm, so I can put it up on your profile in advance. We will ask you to review your profile before launching the website, and you will definitely be able to add or edit this when the page is live. Also, we value your privacy as much as our own (well, even more actually), so we will never do anything weird with this data, like sell it or put it on the website without your consent.

So here are the questions on your right.

If it is too much for the moment: please do not feel obligated to answer them all.. And as said before, you can also add or edit your answers later if you like.

But if you want to tell us even more about your farm, or your history as a farmer: please feel free to do so! Also any tips, interesting resources, or ideas you might have about features you’d love to see in a website or application that would really help your growing operation forward: we are all ears!

We are building this thing for you, organic/sustainable growers. Because we believe you are the key to achieving our ultimate goal: make everyone in the Philippines take a step back, out of the malls and into a life where they’ll be able to grow their own nutritious food, or get it from someone nearby who does.

Thank you and we hope you'll enjoy being on board with us!

Happy growing!

Tricia and Hugo

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Next up: your contact information. This info won't be show anywhere on the website, unless your farm or garden is located here too, and you're OK with listing it's location (see question further down).

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About your gardening life

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Farm presentation

Can you attach some pictures of your garden / farm? We will use these in the design of your mini-website, so make sure she looks at her best! ;)

Does your farm have a website or blog already? We'd love to see it, and be happy to link to that too!

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Yay, you made it! Again, apologies for the long and clunky form. But we are a bit curious like that and also want to make you a killer profile page! So if you have anything else you feel is worth mentioning, or if you just want to say hi to us, please feel free to do so in the field below :-)

Also, we don't have a privacy policy or anything like that yet. But we will always keep you in the loop regarding how we use your data and how it will be displayed on the website. If you have any preferences upfront about that, please let us know.